Candidate Disqualifications

Mark Young·Wednesday, February 17,

I’ve watched no primary debates but can’t help picking up the bad news on these people who are serving to legitimize an illegitimate, unethical election process. Just my humble opinion.

The main disqualification for all the candidates is they are participants in a corrupt process using private money for public office seeking. Elections should be publicly funded and limited to a few months before the election with no involvement by private, for profit networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, NPR (“national pacifier radio”) etc., or any other media that accepts corporate or other private money or sponsors.

All the candidates demonstrate ignorance of the Constitution in promising to do things the president has no authority to do.

In 2016, Trump is using his own money. But that only makes him the lesser of evils. I pray that before the next election we’ll change the law so that no private money may be spent on campaigns by or for public office holders or candidates. Unfortunately, in 2016 it seems Trump is the best hope for real change. Hopefully he’ll not turn out to be fools gold like Obama, who failed to keep many promises.

Ben Carson - supports forced immunization; against decriminalization of drugs; only foreign policy item on his website: keep Guantanamo open; against semi-auto guns in cities; he’s okay with the Fed; he wants a database on everyone

Hillary Clinton - involved with Waco massacre; war on Bill’s women; a Wall Street whore; voted for bankruptcy bill unfavorable to citizens; war monger: destroyed Libya & Syria, now a haven for ISIS; set back life for women in Middle East by hundreds of years; Benghazi stand down; private email server; Iowa coin tosses; stole nomination from Sanders; her VP pick Tim Kaine is also a gun grabber like Killary; See the following for a long list of her involvement in warmongering and other crimes

Ted Cruz - a neocon insider: his foreign policy advisor: James Woolsey, frmr. CIA Director; his public relations officer: Dan Gabriel, CIA covert ops officer; he’s pro-Monsanto and GMOs and against GMO labeling

to a Christian audience: “If you will not stand with Israel and the Jews, then I will not stand with you,” and stormed off the stage; he missed an audit the Fed bill; he’s not a natural born citizen

Gary Johnson - supports forced vaccination; he stated that climate change is “man-caused”. Of course humans contribute somewhat, but the Earth’s climate has always changed due to changes in solar activity, variations in Earth’s solar orbit and variations of Earth’s axial tilt (it wobbles). He supports a carbon tax. That’s not libertarian. He supports shutting down bakeries that refuse to make same sex wedding cakes. That’s tyrannical. He said he supports the TPP which is global government on steroids that would violate U.S. sovereignty. He wants to admit 10s of 1000s of Muslim migrants into America. He’s a PC social justice warrior/ language control freak who demands you not say “illegal immigrant”. He thinks the war criminal Killary Clinton is a “wonderful public servant”. His VP pick, Bill Weld, supported the Iraq War, is a gun grabber and a friend of Killary, whose VP pick Kaine is also a gun grabber like Killary.

Marco Rubio - for open borders; for police state; favored by dinosaur media: Wash. Post, Fox News = bad news; supports TPP and TATIP that diminish U.S. sovereignty; Goldman Sachs, Microsoft et al are donors ; not a natural born citizen

Bernie Sanders - a war monger who supported Bill Clinton’s 1999 Kosovo War; failed to vote against a war resolution giving G.W. Bush a blank check to launch war against “terrorists”; voted to fund occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan; supported Obama’s military actions

failed to support impeachment of G.W. Bush in 2006; supported Israel’s aggressive Middle East policies against Palestinian statehood; supports no fly lists and banning gun purchase by those on list = no due process; does not support the 2nd Amendment ;flip-flopped on audit Fed bill; pie in the sky socialist = bigger government

Jill Stein - Does not understand the U.S. Constitution or the job description of president. See Article II, Sections 2 and 3.

She supports many good things I agree with, but most must be done on the local or state level. She’s a social justice and environmental justice warrior who would act as a queen: continue and expand unconstitutional executive departments like the federal EPA, Dept. of Education, etc. She’s a pie in the sky socialist who wants to: “Enact emergency green new deal”. Congress passes laws, not the president; “Treat energy as a human right”. Free energy?; “Jobs as a right”. Not a federal function except in fascist or communist states like China or North Korea. “Education as a right”. It’s up to families and local government, if any at all. She believes she could do things the president has no DELEGATED authority to do. The trend throughout the 20th century has been to increase presidential powers at the expense of Congress. Stein seems to be okay with this trend towards making the president a dictator.

Amendment IX: The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

Amendment X: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Donald Trump - I believe it is unethical that he can buy his way into election process which I fear may set a precedent for billionaires to do the same in future = rule by the rich, but he’s using his own money and so is not beholden to anyone except the People, we hope. I’m not sure he’s not beholden to certain interests. He has no public service track record but has accomplished much in business and may truly want to rebuild our economy. He says he wants to build a border wall, which idea I dislike, but I believe he’s smart enough to enforce immigration laws and take other more peaceful, common sense steps to protect our borders and hopefully build bridges instead of walls. I prefer policies that promote harmony between the U.S. and Mexico and end incentives for illegal immigration, rather than building a wall that would treat only a symptom and not cure the disease, eg., NAFTA, illegal drugs.

On issues on his website: He has several video clips all under 1 minute with no specifics on: Drugs; 2nd Amendment; education; the military; jobs; economy and 19 trillion debt. He says he’s not politically correct, but these tiny videos say what people want to hear but are purposefully vague, ie., deception by omission? There’s no details such as:

1) Will he end the war on drugs and work to end prohibition and the crime culture and prison industry it caused?

2) Will he work to abolish the Dept. of Education and other departments not authorized by the Constitution?

3) Will he bring the military home and end American imperialism?

4) His tax plan refers to all Americans and omits the fact that most Americans are not required to file or pay the income tax. Will he enlighten them, or will he allow the IRS fraud to continue with unconstitutional extortion and theft of the wealth of Americans? See > IRS Fraud

5) Would he really support waterboarding? “I’ll tell you what, in the Middle East, we have people chopping the heads off Christians. We have people chopping the heads off many other people. We have things that we have never seen before, as a group… I would bring back waterboarding and I’d bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding.”

Even if he does support waterboarding, torture is illegal and troops or any U.S. personnel ordered to do so are not required to follow illegal orders. Was this just an emotional statement made in the context of beheadings by jihadists of Christians and others? His stance against illegal wars would serve to decrease retaliatory violence by Islamic groups brought on by illegal wars Trump opposes.

Purported reasons to support Trump:

1) He is outspoken against illegal wars and support of ISIS

2) He wants to audit the Federal Reserve

3) He’s a 9/11 truther who’s promised to investigate and seek justice for those responsible

4) He’s been outspoken against the press-titute media - Fake News.

5) The Establishment is against him.

6) He has a vested interest in a strong U.S. economy with his many businesses and therefore apt to keep his word on promises he’s made to the American People. If he fails to keep his promises, his businesses will suffer.

7) He is a pro-U.S. sovereignty nationalist who is against globalist government

8) He will help rebuild the U.S. Economy with fair corporate taxation and tariff policies that will reduce the U.S. trade deficit and bring back jobs. His tax plan exempts those making less than 40k.

9) He’s a Christian non-drinker and non-smoker.

10) He’s outspoken against contamination of vaccines.

11) He wants to deport illegal immigrants but make legal immigration easier.

However, we are supposed to be a nation of laws, not men or women, or personalities. The current "laws" on elections are unethical. It is not fair that anyone can buy his or her way into the process. Trump seems to be the least of evils among the candidates. But if it is recognized and accepted that NO PRIVATE MONEY should be involved for elections to PUBLIC office, it is illogical to condone what Trump is doing: serving to legitimize an illegitimate process. He, like Obama, may be just fool’s gold and we are once again being duped by this election circus. Even if Trump is sincere and were to become president and do many good things, unless he works for public financing of future elections, his campaign serves to exploit and perpetuate a corrupt system according to Supreme Court decisions that equate money with free speech: Buckley v. Valeo, Citizens United, meaning those with more money get more free speech. That’s unacceptable. And money is the problem in DC - the District of Criminals. The PROCESS of how a president is elected, not the person, is the MOST IMPORTANT thing.

Trump may be buying his way into heaven as a wreaking ball against the very process he’s using: he’s exposing the fraudulent, undemocratic election process and corporate media election circus.

3/6/16 - Trump has now said he would not use torture after somebody apparently informed him it’s a war crime. I guess he’s watched too many episodes of 24. But that’s the problem, he should have known better. Same thing happened with the Fed. He said he wants it audited only after his adviser Roger Stone was asked about it on Infowars. That should have been the MAIN item on his website dealing with the economy.

6/21/16 - Trump is now taking money from other sources.

11/6/16 - It appears more and more like Trump is for real...many impressive speeches...pissing off the right folks, etc. Is it too good to be true?

11/12/16 - I was not going to vote at all, but had to vote against the Clinton crime family, so it came down to the fact we’re all dupes forced to vote for the lesser of two evils, and I voted for Trump and against the known war criminal witch, Killary.