The Independent Thinker's "CHEMTRAILS" FACT SHEET

Have you noticed airplanes leaving white plumes in the sky? Often in grids, these trails widen and spread out, forming layers that look like clouds. Soon the sky is overcast.


Here are 10 points to consider about this phenomenon:

1. Current U.S. Senate bills are seeking to pass weather modification and weather experimentation policies to engineer and control our atmosphere.

2. The jets that spray aerosols in the sky have been seen all over the world. No governments or official agencies have been willing to discuss this activity.

3. The content of the sprays includes fibers, metal particulates and biological elements (including fungi), many of which are microscopic. These micro-particles enter our bodies, eluding our immune systems and impairing our health. Some of the particles are artificially engineered and self-replicating.

4. The metals in the sprays are ionized (electrically charged). The air we live in is now a plasma - able to conduct energy. It has been weaponized.

5. The spraying has saturated our atmosphere with particulate matter that has whitened our once-blue sky. Visibility on the earth has been greatly reduced. A direct, data-based correlation exists between particulate levels in the air and our mortality.

6. Dangerous levels of aluminum and barium have been found in soil and water samples nationwide. Both elements are highly toxic. Our rate of respiratory illness, allergies, Alzheimer's and cancer has risen exponentially since the spraying was intensified in 1998.

7. The spraying is a global covert operation. It is capable of engineering and controlling storms, planetary moisture and the earth's electrical balance. It can manipulate radio frequencies and the electromagnetic spectrum for military and surveillance purposes. It can alter human awareness and behavior.

8. The spraying typically creates cloud-like masses that spread to form a 'sky shield." This sky shield is responsible for global dimming, now being presented as an antidote to global warming. According to NASA, the world has already seen a 20% loss of sunlight.

9. HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is a military surveillance operation that generates electromagnetic frequencies. The combination of HAARP activity and the atmospheric spraying may be producing "climate change", a phenomenon blamed on natures response to runaway global warming. Our environment is deliberately being altered.

10. These programs are operating without our informed consent. Their agenda may be the total control of biology, ecology and the earth. To this end, our destructive human ways (burning fossil fuels and overpopulation) may become the pretext to re-engineer nature as a means toward planetary "sustainability."

Look up! Your world is being artificially created.

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