We were dying of thirst in the desert. He was a mirage: Obamirage. He's just a new face/mask on the same old corporatist, fascist, militarist state run by bankgangsters that we've become. I made the mistake of voting for this impostor. After his first week in office, it was clear from his appointees that Obama was a fraud, and a liar.

"Yes we can". Barrack Obama, a constitutional scholar

Yes we can what? read from a teleprompter; smooth-talk and lie our way into the presidency by selling ‘hope’ as a diversion technique

- Yes we can: trample on the U.S. Constitution

- Yes we can: continue the illegal Iraq occupation

- Yes we can: escalate the Afghanistan war

- Yes we can: forget about prosecuting leaders of the Bush crime family for lying us into war, torture, illegal wiretapping, etc.

- Yes we can: just turn the page before we bother to READ IT! ... by not prosecuting war criminals

- Yes we can: continue violating FISA and the Fourth Amendment right to privacy with illegal monitoring of private phones and computers

- Yes we can: continue military commissions — avoiding both the Uniform Code of Military Justice and the civilian criminal justice system

- Yes we can: detain those who pose a threat to security, but can't be prosecuted

- Yes we can: keep acquitted detainees in prison, we'll just no longer call them enemy combatants

- Yes we can: continue extraordinary renditions of prisoners to other countries

- Yes we can: continue suppressing information about illegal torture such as photos

- Yes we can: keep the same bank-gangsters who ruined the economy in charge of it

- Yes we can: fix the economy with a credit card held by our children's children...

- Where's the "change we can believe in"?


The Obama Deception HQ Full length version

Experts: Webster Tarpley, Gerald Celente, Daniel Estulin, Jim Tucker, George Humphrey


OBAMA DECEPTION NOTES (from just one part of film)

-- Federal law prohibits federal officials from holding private meetings to discuss world policies with non-federal workers. The movie indicates that Obama and Hillary Clinton attended at least one meeting of the Bilderberg Group in Chantilly Virginia.

-- Goldwater 1964 book "With No Apologies" described the Trilateral Commission-- Bilderberg Group (BG) > Trilateral Commission (TC) > regional roundtable groups, one is the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) (Deals with the US) - dominated every administration since FDR

- Purpose of the TC is to take over 4 centers of power: political, monetary, intellectual & ecclesiastical

 -- Webster Tarpley:

-- TC members are financial oligarchs; a polycentric oligarchical system of bankers who set up institutions modeled on: Royal Institute for Int'l Affairs, Chatham House, Milner Roundtable (Boer War, WWI period)

-- Obama Admin is flooded with BG, TC & CFR members, replacing those of the same groups from the Bush crime family...system of looting has hijacked our country

-- We have to drive Wall St out of the Govt

 George Humphrey:

-- To get in these [clubs] you have to be a multi-billionaire...these are the worst criminal element on this planet

-- Larry Summers helped dismantle the Glass Stiegel Act, enacted in the 1930's as a "fire wall" between banking operations and the stock brokerage business.

-- The derivatives bubble was due to Alan Greenspan, Larry Summers, Robert Rubin.

-- Timothy Gaithner, former pres of NYFedReserve, is a protege of Rubin.

-- Obama appointees all uphold the status quo:

-- Treas Sec: Timothy Geithner - Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission

-- Sec State: Hillary Clinton - BG, CFR, wife of Bill Clinton, TC member

-- UN Ambsdr Susan Rice: TC member

-- Nat'l Security Advisor: Gen. James L. Jones - BG, CFR, TC

-- Deputy Nat'l Sec Advisor: Thomas Donilon: CFR

-- State Dept. Special Envoy: Henry Kissinger, BG, TC, CFR

-- Chairman, Econ. Recovery Cmte: Paul Volker, BG, TC, CFR

-- Director Nat'l Intelligence: Adm. Dennis C. Blair, BG, TC, CFR

-- Sec. Defense: Robert Gates, BG, TC, CFR

-- Deputy Sec. State: James Steinberg, BG, TC, CFR

-- State Dept. Special Envoy: Richard M. Haass, BG, TC, Pres. of CFR

-- Presidential Advisor: Alan Greenspan, BG, TC, CFR

-- State Dept. Special Envoy: Richard C. Holbrooke, BG, TC, CFR

 -- Obama's broken promises or disappointing actions:

 End Iraq occupation immediately> then 16 months > then 23 months > keep 50,000 troops in Iraq

- Escalate Afghanistan with 30,000 more Marines. He said he'd do this, but it was hoped by progressives that he this was political posturing to avoid being viewed as soft on terror.

- Missile systems to Eastern Europe to encircle Russia

- Kept Bush Defense Sec. Robert Gates

- Meddling with gangster, fascist creeps/IMF/NATO agents: Ushenko of Ukraine, Sakashvilli of Georgia, Kacinski twins of Poland, others in Latvia, Lithuania & Estonia. - Obama is run by Brezhinsky, Soros and others, worse than the neocons

- Obama swore he'd repeal the Patriot Act, then voted to reauthorize it

- Decried warrantless wiretapping by Bushites, then voted to legalize it with immunity for telecoms

- Said he'd renegotiate NAFTA AND GATT, then was caught telling corp execs he didn't really mean it?

NOTES on Fall of the Republic, Part I, The Presidency of Barrack Obama

Fall of the Republic HQ full length version

Quotes & paraphrases from Fall of the Republic Part I: The Presidency of Barrack Obama

-- pledged to end NAFTA and GATT, and has since fought to expand both of them.

-- promised that he would have the most transparent administration already more secretive than Bush and Cheney ever were, even making it a secret who visits the White House

-- promised not to raise taxes on anyone making less than 125,000... he has since gone back on that promise on payroll, energy, home mortgage deductions, and scores of other taxes

-- said he was going to abolish the Patriot vigorously defends it

-- is setting up a cyber security command, which the government admits completely ends the 4th Amendment...a single security staff... Cyber Security Coordinator... administered by the Pentagon

-- made a show of investigating torture, but has ignored the army's own detailed investigative reports which name the torturers that the White House memos document were following the directives of Bush and Cheney, the men who were most guilty for issuing the orders

-- expanded Bush's doctrine of indefinite detention of foreigners without trial... holding citizens without evidence indefinitely, without ever even committing a crime... prolonged detention... pre-crime -- detention for crimes not yet committed (see movie: Minority Report)

-- ran as an antiwar candidate, but has continued the war in Iraq, and massively expanded the war in Afghanistan and unleashed a new conflict in Pakistan

-- is now promoting the biggest defense budget in history

-- a constitutional scholar, who taught constitutional law for 10 years, promised to obey the Constitution of the United States, including ending the use of signing statements by which the executive usurps legislative powers...has violated that promise

-- promised he would call on Congress to take at least five days for the reading of new legislation before it was voted on...and five days for the public to read it before he signs it, but has since pushed legislators to pass bills before even congress or the public have a chance to see them

-- swore he would never put lobbyists or donors in his administration...has crammed his administration with donors and lobbyists... including Mark Patterson, a lobbyist for Goldman Sachs and William Lynn, a lobbyist for Raytheon.

-- is the closer for the New World Order, by his ability to make us feel good..."make government cool"

-- is attempting to dismantle the 2nd Amendment with more than a dozen disarmament bills proposed

-- is promoting hate crime legislation that would deny free-speech rights

-- he or his staff told Canadian officials not to worry about 0bama's promise to end NAFTA... it was just campaign rhetoric.

-- is attempting to create a North American Union and is attempting to expand NAFTA and GATT.

-- is pushing nation-ending blanket immunity for 20 million illegal aliens inside the United States

-- is overseeing the hijacking of health care by the federal government, which will nationalize more than 20% of the US economy. (My comment: Something needs to be done about health care, perhaps made non-profit, but the recently passed bill was written by the insurance companies.)

-- is continuing the transfer of national sovereignty to unelected international bodies like the United Nations and World Trade Organization

-- under the cover of banking reform, wants to hand dictatorial power over the United States economy to an offshore private banking cartel known as the bank of the world

-- is the first president to become Chair of the UN Security Council, the most powerful position of the world government body, violating Article 1 Section 9 of the U.S. Constitution = high treason

-- lies are out in the open... he hides in plain sight

-- approval ratings have dropped from mid-80s to low 40s


Social Engineering:

We've been hypnotized and brainwashed with emotion-based programming content in the media: molded into being a politically correct, compliant, docile, entertained culture...use of father figures like Walter Cronkite, etc. Zbigniew Brzezinsky's prediction that we'd eventually be unable to think for ourselves and need to be handed our conclusions has come to pass.

Global warming:

Dr. Timothy F. Ball, PhD. Climatology, Queen Mary College, Univ. of London: Al Gore's statement that the "science is settled" on climate change is false. Varying cosmic radiation of the sun/solar wind affects the Earth's greenhouse effect, which causes fluctuations in the Earth's tempurature. 31,000 scientists from across the United States, including 9000 Ph.D.'s signed a petition rejecting man-made global warming as a scientific fraud.

New draconian system of laws is being constructed to establish neo-feudal system. Al Gore, who pushed NAFTA and GATT, is the front man for the carbon tax trade scheme that will increase taxes on individual Americans and transfer national sovereignty and rights to a tyrannical world government, all in the name of saving the Earth.

Under Kyoto treaty, only developed nations were required to take action to reduce emissions, not developing nations including China and India; US Senate voted 95-0 on Kyoto even though Gore was VP at the time.

Nancy Pelosi prevented viewing of the 1200 page greenhouse gas and carbon emission legislation until minutes before the vote.

The globalists' goal is to destroy the middle class of developed nations. They've exempted developing nations from carbon taxes because they already control them.

Police State:

The US government is federalizing local police. State, county and city police now take their marching orders directly from DHS - Dept. of Homeland Security and FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Admin. DHS produced a video instructing police officers conducting vehicle stops to suspect those with common items such as cameras, binoculars, video equipment, gps, sleeping bags of being terrorists...everyday items and activities "prove" that you are a terrorist...manuals turn police officers into secret police spying on citizens... Dept of Homeland Security and Northcom were set up to dominate the people, not to fight the CIA created Al Qaeda.

Totalitarian regime's use fear and intimidation to induce conformity with the powers that be. The US created Al Qaeda, the bogeyman out to get us. Citizen spies have been recruited to report on everything their neighbors and coworkers are doing. More than 50,000 private-sector executives have been recruited by FEMA's Infragard program to secretly serve as deputy FBI informants. Now there are more than 75,000 preachers serving FEMA... being instructed on how to preach, quell unrest, etc. Hitler used a servile misuse/misinterpretation of Romans 13. (See on misuse of Romans 13 concerning submission to rulers - Under the U.S. Constitution, We The People are the Rulers, officials acting contrary to the Constitution are traitors, not legitimate rulers.

DHS now calls on firefighters, who require no search warrant to enter a building, also cable and phone workers, maids and others who routinely enter homes, are now paid snitches. Children are being indoctrinated to spy on parents and paid tips of up to $ Eco-police...Boy Scouts are being trained in anti-terror seek and destroy disgruntled veterans...Girl Scouts are earning patches for their contributions (Hitler Youth?).

Compulsory citizen armies are called for by the Obama Admin...The DHS' Corporation for National and Community Service have 100 groups across nation...Northcom has deployed 4000 regular army troops within the US to deal with civil unrest anticipated by off-shore bankers' robbery of US economy. The Pentagon in 2009 seeks authority to post 379,000 troops across the US. Legislation HR645 has been introduced to expand the system of FEMA concentration camps across the US.

Presidential candidates are selected by the CFR - Council on Foreign Relations, not elected freely.

The elite / puppetmasters seek an 80% reduction of the world population.