- They have declared war on free speech and free press. Mark Zuckerberg and his minions are enemies of the First Amendment and what this country is about.

 - They delete accounts of conservatives, patriots or others they don’t like. They are therefore not a true social media platform but actually an anti-social media platform serving certain political agendas.

- It is not what people believe it to be: a public square open to freedom of speech.

- They are not trustworthy. Since they censor and delete accounts based on politics, you cannot trust their representations of how many people actually see your posts or comments.

- Their purpose is to control your thinking while they waste your precious time with the illusion / delusion of community. They are fascist thought police seeking to manipulate public opinion, which will affect who people vote for in elections of public servants.

- To delete a group, you have to individually delete all members. If you create a group, you should be able to delete it just as fast. This alone is reason enough to delete Fakebook/Fascistbook. It’s like the song Hotel California, you can check in any time you like, but you can never leave. They think they own you. It took me about an hour to delete all members of Exiled Parents for Justice.

- There are many more reasons. Follow Infowars’ David Knight if you want to better understand why you should delete your Fakebook account.

It is hard to break the addiction to such an amazing platform which does allow you to communicate and share about your lives. But the devil fools with the best laid plans. We need to find better ways to communicate and share without being herded like sheep by enemies of Freedom. Fakebook does not deserve our precious time. It needs to be shunned by we who love free speech and free press. It should be ignored into oblivion along with fake corporate news.

- It takes 30 days for the deletion to complete. Mine completed on 8-14-19.

- You can download an archive of all your content on Facebook. Search “archive” in their search box.

The Weird DARPA/Facebook "Coincidence" You Never Heard About

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