Soup Weight Loss Plan - with Vegan Option

The Fat Burning Soup Recipe:

6 large green onions or large red onion

1-2 cans of tomatoes

1 large head of cabbage

2 green peppers

1 bunch celery

vegetable bouillon

other seasoning options:

rosemary & tarragon for flavoring

shitake mushrooms for flavoring

1 hot pepper

2 or 3 cloves of chopped garlic

Cut vegetables in small to medium pieces, sauté in and cover with water. Boil fast for

10 minutes. Reduce heat to simmer and continue cooking until vegetables are tender.

Spices, such as rosemary, sage, thyme, tarragon or oregano, may be added as desired

toward the end of cooking.

This soup can be eaten any time you are hungry. Eat as much as you want, whenever

you want. This soup will not add calories. The more you eat, the more you will lose. Fill

a thermos in the morning if you will be away during the day. However, if eaten alone for

indefinite periods, you would suffer from malnutrition.

The Fat Burning Diet

*VEGAN OPTION: Substitute rice or other vegan protein powder for cow milk or beef;

olive oil for butter. One 23g scoop of Garden of Life Raw Protein - Vanilla Spiced Chai

contains 17g protein.

Day One: All fruits except bananas. Cantaloupe and watermelon are lower on

calories than most fruits. Eat only the soup and fruits. For drinks – unsweetened tea,

cranberry juice or water.

Day Two: All vegetables. Eat until you are stuffed with all the fresh, raw or canned

vegetables. Try to eat green, leafy vegetables and stay away from dry beans, peas, and

corn. Eat along with the soup. At dinner time on day two, reward yourself with a big

baked potato and butter (vegan: or olive oil). Do not eat any fruits.

Day Three: Eat all the soup, fruits and vegetables you want. Do not have a baked

potato.If you have eaten for three days, as above, and have not cheated, you will find

you should have lost 5 – 7 lb.

Day Four: Bananas and skimmed milk*. Eat as many as 3 bananas and drink as many

glasses of water as you can on this day along with the soup. Bananas are high in

calories and carbohydrates along with the milk, but on this particular day your body will

need the potassium, carbohydrates, proteins and calcium to lessen your cravings for


Day Five: Beef* and tomatoes. You may have 10-20 ounces of beef and a can of

tomatoes or as many as 6 fresh tomatoes on this day. Try to drink at least 6-8 glasses

of water on day five to wash away the uric acid in your body. Eat the soup at least once

on day five.

Day Six: Beef* and vegetables. Eat to your heart’s content of the beef and

vegetables on day six. You can even have two or three steaks if you like with green

leafy vegetables, but no baked potato. Be sure to eat the soup at least once.

Day Seven: Brown rice, unsweetened fruit juice and vegetables. Again, stuff yourself

and be sure to have the soup at least once.

By the end of the seventh day, if you haven’t cheated on the diet, you should’ve lost

10-17lbs. If you’ve lost more than 15lbs, stay off the diet for two full days before

resuming the diet again from day one.

If correctly followed, it will clean your system of impurities and give you a feeling of well

being like never before. After only seven days, you should feel lighter and have an

abundance of energy. This diet is for fast fat burning, and the secret is that you’ll burn

more calories than you realise. Because everyone’s digestive system is different, this

diet will affect everyone differently.


DO NOT drink any alcoholic beverages. This is due to the removal of the fat build-up in

the system. Go off diet at least 24 hours before any intake of alcohol.

DO NOT consume any carbonated drinks (including diet drinks). Stick with water,

unsweetened tea, black coffee, unsweetened fruit juices, cranberry juice, or skimmed


DO NOT eat any bread or fried foods

Although you can have black coffee with this diet, you may find that you don’t need the

caffeine after the third day.

You can eat grilled or baked chicken (with no skin) instead of the beef. You can also

substitute grilled fish for the beef on ONE of the days. You’ll need the high-protein in

the meat on the other days.

Vegan Protein Info: